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Innovations in retail - Health and safety of employees and customers in retail

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In times of the corona crisis we realize that professions such as cashier, shelf refiller and generally jobs in the retail sector have a very important role for society. Many are grateful that they can work safely from the home office, while in retail, employees risk their health for the community every day. We want to work on solutions to make these workplaces safer.
During the pandemic, supermarkets remain open as usual, as they are essential to society. Retail employees are in contact with hundreds of people every day and are therefore at risk of contracting the virus and other diseases. Although protective screens are already in place at counters and cash desks, they only provide protection for some of the employees. On the other hand, every person has to go shopping for food and thus also enters the dangerous zone, because supermarkets are still anything but poorly frequented. Together with you we want to find solutions to the following questions:
  • How can the protection of the health and safety of employees in food retail be ensured?
  • How can the protection of the health and safety of customers in food retail be ensured?
  • How can the potential for infection during shopping be reduced to a minimum?

Do you already have interesting solutions to one or even more of our questions? Then we look forward to your creative ideas!

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