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Event sponsorship of the future - New strategies for the digital world

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Sponsorship is a luxury - the jobs of the employees and the athletes and of course their health have absolute priority. Due to the corona crisis there are currently no events, sports events or club activities taking place. Therefore, little or no sponsorship money is currently being provided. We are looking for concepts where sponsoring can be done digitally despite the corona crisis.
Big events are canceled, sports events have been put on hold and cinemas and other leisure activities are also forbidden for an indefinite period. For many companies these are vital sources of income or opportunities to increase their level of awareness by sponsoring these events. However, if the financial situation makes it possible, there are also opportunities in the crisis. The commitment to a club or an athlete can create a bond, especially during this time, and have a positive effect on the image of a brand. On the other hand, companies have to rethink and adapt to the situation. New business opportunities and new business models are emerging. Together with you we want to find solutions to the following questions:
  • How can sponsorship take place without physical events?
  • What are the sponsorship alternatives to physical events?
  • How can companies make their brands visible in times of corona crisis?

Do you already have interesting solutions to one or even more of our questions? Then we are looking forward to your creative ideas!

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