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Digital holidays - Vacation from the couch

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Especially after a long stay at home and without much time outdoors, people crave for sunlight and can hardly wait to get out. The curfews and travel bans could cancel the summer holidays for many people. At the same time, this would also mean catastrophic losses for the tourism industry. Do we have to change the way we spend our holidays from scratch?
No onecansayhowlongthecoronacrisis will last. Even if the measures are eased in the near future, the travel bans and the prohibition of gathering of groups could last much longer. What if the curfews caused by the coronavirus last longer than expected and the summer holidays are in danger? Numerous people who take holidays in their own country and abroad every year will have to plan the summer of 2020 differently. Together with you we want to find solutions to the following questions:
  • Is it possible to create a digital travel offer to distant countries or even spheres?
  • What ideas do you have that make a digital travel experience possible?
  • Describe the travel offer, the process or even the whole business model for the digital holiday 2020.

Do you already have interesting solutions to one or even more of our questions? Then we look forward to your creative ideas!

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